Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm a blogging failure.

Two more weeks and my first year of grad school will be over! I've learned a lot about balance this year...realizing that, in fact, getting my master's is not the most important thing in my life--it's just one of many things I am doing right now. Next year I look forward to doing fewer internships (but continuing my Writers' Center GSA), focusing on my thesis, and dedicating more time to friends and neighbors. Oh, and getting used to year #1 of marriage :)

Wedding planning is moving right along. I think it was about the 3-month marker (right after two wonderful friends, Martha and Austin, got married!) when it hit all of a sudden. I think part of the purpose of having a wedding is so that a couple can see how they respond to each other under pressure, and certainly Isaac and I have had times of conflict where we're discovering things about each other and our families. We are learning how to serve and love each other with grace...and often failing...and it has been really wonderful. I am so eager to see how God uses a lifetime of marriage to peel back all these layers of selfishness and disobedience and draw us closer to him. So excited to be married :) It's just recently sinking in.

A couple friends threw me a surprise wedding shower this past weekend--I was thoroughly surprised, and had a ton of fun. It was at Riverside state park at one of the picnic spots next to the hugely overflowing river, and a bunch of girls from school and church came. I felt very special :)

The weather here is awful. Rainy, cold. Every now and then small bursts of sun that just makes it worse when they vanish. There's no way summer is right around the corner.